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Analysis software (AI) analyse-software-ki
Videoüberwachung Brandschutz
Early fire detection brandfrueherkennung
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Videoüberwachung GPS Daten
GPS data camera gps-daten-kamera
Videoüberwachung Leitstelle
Monitoring & Alarm monitoring-alarm

LivEye FIREGUARD Early fire detection

With intelligent analysis software and a monitoring radius of several kilometres, the LivEye FIREGUARD offers targeted surveillance for early fire detection.

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Innovative early fire detection for protecting recycling centres, landfill sites, warehouses, and more

The LivEye FIREGUARD is an innovative monitoring system for early fire detection. While conventional fire detection systems rely on smoke and very high temperatures, the LivEye FIREGUARD relies on the detection of temperature fluctuations and the exceeding of threshold values (-20°C to 150°C definable). In this way, fire potentials can be detected at an early stage, even before the actual fire occurs. Individual threshold values can be adjusted to the area to be detected and make it possible to generate pre-alarms even before the flame develops. Due to the early alarm, there is enough time to interact with conventional measures and avert the danger of a fire. In the event of a fire, LivEye FIREGUARD systems help to localize heat sources and thus optimally coordinate firefighting efforts.

Advantages of the LivEye FIREGUARD

  • Targeted monitoring with up to 4 high-performance PTZ thermal cameras with a temperature range of -20°C to 150°C (definable)
  • Intelligent LivEye® analysis software (KI) for early fire detection
  • Mast height 6-9 m
  • Monitoring radius of several kilometres (depending on the model)
  • Small footprint of just 1 x 1 m to 1.5 x 1.5 m, depending on the model
  • Can be mounted on existing masts or walls if necessary
  • Location can be easily changed
  • Battery storage or power generator continues to supply power for up to 3 months in the event of a power outage (depending on the model)
  • Optional customer access

Fire protection through monitoring of temperature developments

Fires regularly occur in processing plants, especially when processing waste or similar highly flammable materials. The LivEye FIREGUARD monitors both indoor and outdoor areas of a plant for dangerous temperature developments and sets off an alarm at an early stage.

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