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Video surveillance Critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructures form the backbone of our modern society and economy. They are crucial to the smooth functioning of daily life and national security. These infrastructures range from power plants and refineries to energy supply hubs, food distribution centers and the Internet. The failure or impairment of these facilities can have serious consequences for society as a whole, ranging from economic damage to serious disruption of daily life. According to the Federal Office for Security and Information Technology, critical infrastructure (KRITIS) is defined as follows: “Organizations and facilities with important significance for the state community, the failure or impairment of which would result in sustained supply bottlenecks, significant disruptions to public safety or other dramatic consequences.”

Why is critical infrastructure protection so important?

  1. Economic impact: A failure or impairment of critical infrastructure can cause considerable economic damage. This can affect production, trade and supply and lead to considerable financial losses.
  2. Risk to the population: A massive power outage or disruption to food supplies can have a significant impact on the daily lives of the population. The safety and well-being of citizens are at risk.
  3. Security and national defense: Critical infrastructures play a key role in national defense and security. Their impairment could jeopardize national security.
Video surveillance Critical infrastructure

Large nuclear power plants or solar parks in particular, which are remote and far away from lighted streets and residential areas, require comprehensive round-the-clock protection. A simple fence with anti-climb protection alone is only a minor obstacle for thieves and does not offer sufficient protection. Burglars have an easy time of it and can carry out thefts almost unhindered. Operators are faced with considerable financial losses as a result, as they not only have to replace the stolen modules, but also compensate for loss of income.

In order to effectively protect themselves against these risks, operators of solar parks should rely on high-performance surveillance systems. Mobile camera systems can be used extremely flexibly and are also ideal as a temporary security measure. They provide round-the-clock protection and also offer a cost-effective alternative or supplement to conventional security guards.

Protect your solar installations from theft and damage by relying on modern surveillance technology. Our expertise in monitoring solar parks enables you to protect your investments and maximize the performance of your systems. Invest in the security of your solar parks and benefit from sustainable and efficient energy generation.

The role of mobile video surveillance in the protection of critical infrastructures

Mobile video surveillance systems have become an indispensable part of critical infrastructure protection. Here are some reasons why these systems are so important:

  1. Flexibility: Mobile video surveillance systems can be easily deployed in different environments and locations. This is crucial to effectively protect different parts of critical infrastructures.
  2. End-to-end surveillance: These systems enable seamless surveillance both indoors and outdoors. They are able to detect suspicious activity around the clock.
  3. Complementary to traditional security: Mobile video surveillance is a cost-effective complement to traditional security. It can provide continuous surveillance without the cost of permanent security personnel.
  4. Early alarm in case of suspicion: Modern mobile video surveillance systems are equipped with intelligent analysis functions that can immediately detect suspicious activity and trigger alarms. This enables a rapid response.

Protecting critical infrastructure is vital, and LivEye mobile video surveillance systems are an effective way to ensure this security. They offer flexibility, continuous monitoring and complement traditional security measures. Companies and organizations should invest in this technology to ensure that our critical infrastructures remain protected and operational.

Product recommendation for video surveillance Critical infrastructure

LivEye ONE+ -EN

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The proven surveillance technology to protect your construction site, property, events and more LivEye ONE+ 230V is our proven monitoring systems. With a mast height of up to six meters and a narrow stand area of 1 x 1 m, it offers state-of-the-art monitoring technology in a small space providing an overview from above. Only a…

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LivEye PRO 2.0 – EN

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LivEye PRO 2.0 self-sufficient is our video surveillance system, which can be used wherever no infrastructure is available. LivEye PRO 2.0 self-sufficient is our video surveillance system, which can be used wherever no infrastructure is available. Would you like to secure an isolated quarry, monitor a large solar park or protect a construction site on…

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How critical infrastructure monitoring works with LivEye

LivEye offers mobile video surveillance systems that can be perfectly adapted to the respective site and individual requirements. The flexible LivEye ONE+ and LivEye Pro 2.0 systems can be used to provide comprehensive protection for both extensive areas and complex business premises. The orange lighting acts as a deterrent to unauthorized intruders, especially at night. Movements are reliably detected by the intelligent analysis software and identified as people, animals, vehicles or recurring movements. In the event of suspicion, the permanently manned Video Monitoring & Alarm Center is informed immediately. The operator on duty reacts immediately and initiates appropriate measures. The identified person is first addressed via the integrated loudspeaker system and asked to leave the premises. If this request is not complied with, we inform the responsible plant security or the police.

In this way, the site is comprehensively protected around the clock. Dangers and damage are detected and averted at an early stage.

Questions about mobile video surveillance Critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructures are crucial to the functioning of society and the economy. Their failure or impairment can have serious consequences for the population and the economy. It is therefore of the utmost importance to protect them from potential threats.

Critical infrastructures encompass a wide range of facilities, including power plants, water and wastewater supplies, telecommunications networks, food supplies, transportation hubs, healthcare and many more. Basically, they are anything that is essential to daily life and national security.

Video surveillance of critical infrastructure enables seamless monitoring and recording of activities at critical sites. It helps to detect suspicious events at an early stage, enables a rapid response to threats and serves as valuable evidence when investigating incidents.

The effectiveness of your video surveillance depends on the correct positioning of the cameras, the selection of the right technology and reliable alarm monitoring. We use our expertise to provide you with comprehensive advice and configure the right video surveillance systems for you. LivEye offers effective perimeter protection.

Mobile video surveillance systems offer the flexibility to be used in changing locations, which is not possible with fixed cameras. They are also more cost-effective and can be used temporarily or permanently, depending on requirements.