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LivEye offers safety at night & added value during the day

Secure by night

LivEye offers security with first-class mobile video surveillance solutions that, in conjunction with the company’s own control centre based in Germany and the AI-supported LivEye analysis software, provide effective protection against theft and vandalism. We attach great importance to compliance with the applicable data protection standards. Our strength lies in the development of customised and flexible security concepts for your projects.

Smart by Day mit BIM

Our video towers are normally deactivated outside of the specified monitoring times. As an additional option, we provide the “Smart by Day” option. This function allows our mobile video surveillance systems to be used as a virtual construction site view during the day. This enables comprehensive documentation of the project and enables those responsible to monitor construction progress from any location as if in real time.

Effective theft protection
Vandalism and theft are effectively prevented by
theft effectively prevented

24/7 Monitoring
in the control center:
Security experts react in real time to suspicious situations

public areas:
100% GDPR compliance

Detection range of up to 400 m
with highly functional cameras
every movement is captured