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About LivEye GmbH

LivEye GmbH specializes in guarding temporary risk zones with mobile video surveillance systems. State-of-the-art video surveillance systems are developed and produced under the LivEye brand name. LivEye has its own research and development unit for this purpose. Together with its own control center, LivEye offers video surveillance at the highest level throughout Europe.

With the LivEye systems, we offer our customers “Security as a Service”!

This is how we deliver as a full service provider:

  • LivEye monitoring concepts according to your needs
  • Delivery/collection and installation of LivEye systems
  • Connection of video alarms to our own Video Monitoring & Alarm Center
  • LivEye offers cloud monitoring at the highest level
  • Intervention measures
  • Documentation of alarms


Marc Thurn  (links), Carsten Simons  (rechts)

Company development


Development of the first LivEye PRO by UTS Sicherheit & Service GmbH


Start of B2B business via CAO Systems GmbH


Bundling of all LivEye product activities in LivEye GmbH


Opening of Oldenburg sales office


LivEye GmbH moves into new, more modern premises; warehouse, administration and NSL are now under one roof.


Foundation of LivEye sp. z o.o. (Eastern Europe) and LivEye Swiss GmbH


Opening of new sales offices in: Munich, Leipzig, Vienna


Opening of Dortmund sales office


An important milestone of 700 LivEye systems on the market was passed.


LivEye strengthens capital base, with financial investor Nord Holding


LivEye has over 1.000 video surveillance systems


1.500 mobile surveillance towers

Who are we?

  • Technological market leader in the field of mobile video surveillance
  • Europe-wide pioneer in modern construction site surveillance
  • Over 20 years of industry experience in the security sector
  • Germany-based and owner-managed company

What do we offer?

  • Effizienter Sicherheits- bzw. Perimeterschutz mit minimalem Aufwand und maximalem Ergebnis
  • Aufgrund hoch moderner Ausstattung sind weniger Geräte wie bei Mitbewerbern notwendig
  • Security as a service – Rundum-Sorglos-Paket
  • Sicherheit bei jeder Witterung durch hochmoderne Kameratechnologie
  • für jeden Standort umsetzbar – mit Stromversorgung oder autark
Technologischer Marktführer Videoüberwachung

How do we offer?

  • 24/7 manned in-house control center based in Germany
  • Individual security concepts with a personal contact person for customer support
  • Above all, we rely on trust: Reliability and proactive service characterize our products & services
  • Supporting use of artificial intelligence for our trained security personnel in the control center: Continuous further development of the LivEye analysis software
  • 100% GDPR-compliant, including automatic pixelation of public areas and personal characteristics
Technologischer Marktführer Videoüberwachung

LivEye Research & Development Center

  • At our Research & Development Center in Badem, we are committed to the long-term security of companies and the protection of projects through video surveillance.
  • Our team of highly qualified employees from various disciplines works continuously to improve our successful innovations and develop new products.
  • This includes the development of new software and IoT sensor and control systems as well as the development of innovative electronic components using 3D design and printing and prototype production.
  • Our developers pay attention to the highest quality, which is reflected in the ISO 9001:2015 certification.
  • Exchange with colleges and universities and also conducting joint research projects with them.

LivEye headquarters in Föhren

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