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Early fire detection and theft protection for recycling and reusable materials

The safety of recycling centres and recycling companies is of great importance as they handle valuable resources and materials. Recycling centres are used for the recovery and disposal of recyclable waste from private households and small businesses. Not only bulky waste and green waste can be found here, but also sought-after raw materials such as scrap metal and electrical appliances. Unfortunately, recycling centres are also a frequent target for theft and burglary.

The early detection of fires is particularly important in order to protect human life and preserve company assets. Modern video surveillance systems are playing an increasingly important role in this. Find out how these systems can help to detect fires at an early stage and maximise your security.

How does the combination of early fire detection and theft protection with video surveillance systems work?

  • Smoke and flame detection: Thermal cameras and sensors identify smoke and flame patterns, trigger immediate warnings and activate fire alarm systems.
  • Motion detection: Video surveillance systems can detect movement and unauthorised access and immediately trigger alarms to prevent theft.
  • Integration: Video surveillance systems can be seamlessly integrated into existing security infrastructures, including fire alarm systems and access control systems.
  • Remote monitoring: You can monitor your organisation around the clock from anywhere, significantly reducing response time to incidents.

Protect your company, your employees and your assets from fires and theft by relying on modern video surveillance systems. Our expertise in integrating and customising such systems enables you to achieve your security goals while running your business efficiently.

Maximise your security today. Contact us for more information on our customised solutions for early fire detection and theft protection with video surveillance systems and benefit from comprehensive protection.

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How early fire detection works at your recycling centre

The LivEye FIREGUARD monitoring system redefines the standards for innovative early fire detection. While conventional fire detection systems rely on smoke and extreme temperatures, the LivEye FIREGUARD uses state-of-the-art thermal cameras to provide an advanced method of detecting temperature fluctuations and the exceeding of threshold values that can be individually set between -20°C and 150°C.

Why is LivEye FIREGUARD so revolutionary in early fire detection?

  1. Early fire potential detection: The system recognises potential fire hazards before an actual fire occurs. By adjusting the threshold values to the area to be monitored, advance warnings can even be generated before flames develop.
  2. Time to react: The early alarm provides sufficient time to take conventional fire-fighting measures and avert the risk of fire.
  3. Optimum firefighting: In the event of a fire, the LivEye FIREGUARD system helps to localise heat sources and coordinate firefighting efficiently.

How does LivEye FIREGUARD work?

  • Temperature detection: The thermal cameras detect temperature fluctuations and compare them with the preset threshold values to identify potential sources of fire.
  • Customisable threshold values: Adjusting the threshold values makes it possible to tailor the monitoring precisely to the area to be protected.
  • Early alarms: Advance warnings before flames develop enable a rapid response and hazard defence.
  • Effective coordination: In the event of a fire, the system helps to optimally coordinate firefighting by localising heat sources.

Invest in maximum security

With LivEye FIREGUARD, you can rely on a pioneering system for early fire detection that signals potential fire hazards at an early stage and increases the safety of your company. Our team of experts is at your disposal to develop customised solutions for your specific requirements.

Ensure maximum safety in your business. Contact us today to find out more about innovative early fire detection with the LivEye FIREGUARD system and optimise your safety precautions.


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Questions about early fire detection

These systems use cameras and sensors to detect temperature fluctuations, smoke or flame patterns. They trigger immediate alarms when potential fire hazards are detected.

Modern systems with thermal cameras or thermal imaging cameras are extremely precise and can detect temperature fluctuations or smoke development in real time, resulting in accurate and reliable alarms.

The response time is extremely short. Alarms are notified immediately to enable rapid hazard defence.

Yes, recorded video images, especially thermal images, can be helpful in identifying the causes of fires and clarifying incidents.