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Construction site monitoring with LivEye camera systems

With LivEye, you can monitor your construction site cost-effectively and reliably! Construction site surveillance is a crucial aspect of security in building environments, whether outdoors or indoors. Its main aim is to detect theft, deter potential offenders and, in the event of an emergency, to assist in the apprehension of burglars. It also provides protection against property damage, which can be a considerable financial burden.

LivEye video surveillance systems have various functions, including state-of-the-art cameras that act as a deterrent simply by their presence. If the cameras register unauthorised movements, the control centre is activated within seconds. Experienced staff are based there and use loudspeakers to ask thieves and vandals to leave the area. At the same time, they alert nearby security services or call the police.

Our video towers are usually deactivated outside of monitoring times. They also offer the “Smart by Day” option. With this function, our mobile video surveillance systems can be used as a virtual construction site view during the day. This enables comprehensive documentation of the project and allows those responsible to monitor construction progress from any location.


LivEye’s mobile camera systems offer a wide range of crucial functions for construction site monitoring and optimising existing processes after a video analysis – this not only saves time but also money.

  • Deterrence of thieves and vandals
  • Protection against accidents caused by unauthorised access
  • Intruder alarm systems in monitored areas
  • Monitoring by in-house or external personnel
  • Alerting the police or local security services
  • Optional: Smart by Day function with site documentation

Construction site monitoring also offers numerous advantages for building contractors. It increases safety in hazardous areas, enables optional documentation of events on the construction site and prevents theft, vandalism and damage to property. In addition, construction site surveillance leads to considerable cost savings, especially when using mobile construction site surveillance systems with cameras.


Should unauthorised access to buildings or building sites nevertheless occur, the LivEye surveillance systems are able to prevent offences or involve the authorities and document the offence in a court of law.

Mobile construction site monitoring with camera and loudspeaker: LivEye creates safety

LivEye presents modern solutions for construction site surveillance. Our mobile video towers offer an uncomplicated but highly effective option for video surveillance of construction sites. They can be flexibly adapted to local conditions and offer effective protection even for challenging and complex sites.

Construction site monitoring with camera tower and loudspeaker

We attach great importance to compliance with all relevant regulations, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Compliance with the GDPR is crucial, as the recording of public areas and people is subject to strict regulations. Our security solutions offer a wide range of options for securing your premises. Visible signs indicating camera surveillance are already a deterrent to many potential offenders. Monitoring access to the site. Infrared fences and motion detectors activate the lighting and alert a central alarm centre if necessary.

Modern camera towers for comprehensive surveillance

Our mobile construction site monitoring systems offer a complete solution that includes control technology, transmission technology, emergency power supply and loudspeakers. This enables a rapid remote response when required. Our cameras feature night vision, infrared and thermal vision options and are able to pan horizontally and vertically. Some of our models even allow for impressive 360-degree all-round surveillance.

Note on GDPR compliance for construction site monitoring with cameras

We emphasise the importance of compliance with data protection laws in Germany, in particular the GDPR. Our solutions are designed to ensure privacy and data protection. We ensure that all necessary signs and information are in place and that the recordings comply with legal requirements.

Energy-saving solutions for independent power supplies

If a wired power supply is not possible on site, we offer solutions with photovoltaic modules, other hybrid solutions and integrated power storage units. These generate electrical energy themselves and enable the surveillance systems to be self-sufficiently powered. Thanks to motion detectors, energy is only consumed when something moves, which significantly extends the operating time.

Customised installation and planning

Before we start monitoring the construction site, we plan individually and cover all areas requiring protection. The safety of your construction site is important to us. Contact LivEye for a customised construction site surveillance solution that meets your specific requirements. Rely on our experience, expertise and innovative technology for maximum safety.

Product recommendation for construction site monitoring

LivEye ONE+ -EN

Price on request

The proven surveillance technology to protect your construction site, property, events and more LivEye ONE+ 230V is our proven monitoring systems. With a mast height of up to six meters and a narrow stand area of 1 x 1 m, it offers state-of-the-art monitoring technology in a small space providing an overview from above. Only a…

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LivEye PRO 2.0 – EN

Price on request

LivEye PRO 2.0 self-sufficient is our video surveillance system, which can be used wherever no infrastructure is available. LivEye PRO 2.0 self-sufficient is our video surveillance system, which can be used wherever no infrastructure is available. Would you like to secure an isolated quarry, monitor a large solar park or protect a construction site on…

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Price on request

Compact video surveillance system with individual configuration for protecting your building site, property or company premises LivEye FALCON is a very compact video surveillance system. The pole mount integrated into the housing enables simple and secure installation. The location of the system can be changed independently and adjusted as required. Mounting on walls or masts…

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LivEye LIGHT+ – EN

Price on request

The mobile intrusion detection system for indoor and outdoor use The LivEye LIGHT+ is a very light and compact, mobile intrusion detection system with video verification & many convincing technical functions. Up to 8 motion detectors with integrated cameras enable large areas to be monitored, even in very angled areas. The compact size of the…

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LivEye construction site surveillance camera hire – reporting centre included

When it comes to reliable and effective construction site surveillance, you should consider the option of renting a construction site surveillance camera with the LivEye alarm centre included in the service. This comprehensive solution offers numerous benefits and allows you to monitor your construction site 24/7 without having to hire your own security personnel. Our construction site monitoring experts offer professional advice and work with you to develop a customised construction site monitoring concept. We supply and install the necessary surveillance technology directly on site.

Each of our video towers is closely linked to a LivEye control centre. This control centre is staffed by trained employees who immediately receive a live feed from the LivEye cameras when an alarm is triggered and assess the situation based on the images. Checklists agreed in advance serve as clear instructions for action. If there is no clear intention on the part of the persons involved, the security staff first try to drive the unauthorised persons away using the individualised live address via the LivEye camera tower.

Experience shows that in most cases this first warning level is already sufficient to drive unauthorised persons away from the construction site. If these warnings are ignored or a criminal act is clearly recognisable, the next step is to notify the LivEye construction site security service or the police directly. This makes theft of construction machinery and materials, as well as possible vandalism, much more difficult for LivEye construction site surveillance.

Modern security technology also offers automatic image recognition, which further increases the effectiveness of construction site surveillance. Not every movement triggers an alarm, as our modern surveillance systems with integrated artificial intelligence filter out movements caused by wind or animals. After an alarm is triggered, the camera images are sent to an interface that uses automatic image recognition to decide whether it is a reportable alarm. The AI recognises and compares the outlines of the visible or moving objects in the image and can determine exactly whether it is a person, an animal or another false alarm. This automatic filtering reduces false alarms to a minimum so that only relevant messages are sent to the LivEye security centre, which then receive the full attention of staff and enable a rapid response.

Construction site monitoring: thousands of reasons for professional safety

Building sites are full of valuable building materials, tools and construction machinery. This material wealth not only attracts the attention of construction workers, but also that of thieves.

The number of construction site thefts in Germany remains at a high level. According to the Federal Criminal Police Office, 22,773 thefts on construction sites were reported nationwide in 2022. In many cases, both the perpetrators and the stolen goods have disappeared without a trace. According to the police, the stolen goods are either stolen to order, quickly turned into money or used for their own purposes. The machines also end up on the market as stolen goods.

The rising price of raw materials has meant that even mobile steel plates from construction roads have become prey for thieves. The number of unreported thefts is likely to be even higher, as many incidents go unnoticed or are not reported. Mobile surveillance systems, such as those offered by LivEye, are an extremely effective deterrent. They prevent robberies and help to catch thieves and vandals quickly.

Construction site monitoring can be divided into three stages, depending on the potential risks:

1. small construction sites without significant hazards:

  • If there are no significant risk factors and construction machinery can be securely locked, simple protective measures are sufficient.
  • Construction workers can monitor the site during the day.
  • Construction fences protect against unauthorised access.
  • Night-time deterrents such as mobile light poles and warning signs indicating video surveillance are recommended.

2. Building sites with valuable goods:

  • If valuable building materials, machinery or vehicles are present on the construction site, increased caution is required.
  • Checks on people and vehicles by contractors or security services are common.
  • Construction site cameras continuously monitor important areas.

3. Large construction sites and complex systems:

  • Large construction sites require a comprehensive security strategy.
  • Permanent video surveillance and security services are essential.
  • Access control is strongly recommended in this case

Mobile camera systems from LivEye are a practical and effective solution for construction site surveillance. They can be flexibly adapted to the local conditions and offer reliable surveillance even in confusing terrain or in buildings. A major advantage is that they work independently of local power supplies. LivEye ensures that the mobile camera systems are always used in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Construction site surveillance with LivEye means professional security and data protection at the same time.


When it comes to safety on construction sites, careful planning is essential. Optimised construction site monitoring requires a well thought-out safety concept that is individually tailored to the respective circumstances. In this guide, we show contractors and plant operators how they can plan and implement perfect construction site monitoring step by step.

Step 1: Carry out a hazard and risk analysis

The first and decisive step in planning construction site monitoring is to thoroughly analyse the hazards and risks to which the construction site is exposed. Various factors must be taken into account:

  • Location and size of the construction site: The safety requirements vary considerably depending on the location and size of the construction site.
  • Planned duration of the measure: The monitoring measures should be adapted to the expected construction period.
  • Clarity of the terrain: Is the construction site easily accessible and clearly laid out, or are there hidden areas that require special attention?
  • Value of materials and machinery: The financial value of materials and machinery available on site will influence safety priorities.
  • Value of vehicles parked on site: If vehicles are parked on site, they must also be protected.

Step 2: Compile suitable measures

After analysing the risks, the next step is to select suitable measures for securing the construction site. The selection of measures should be based on the respective requirements:

  • Low risks: If the risks are categorised as low, simple security measures may be sufficient. These include fences with clearly visible signs for video surveillance and motion detectors with construction spotlights.
  • Medium risks: Additional measures are required for medium risks. Here, surveillance cameras on fences or camera towers with remote monitoring are used to monitor the construction site around the clock.
  • High risk: In cases where the risk is categorised as very high, the presence of security services in the vicinity should be considered in addition to mobile construction site surveillance. They will carry out access controls, patrol the construction site and implement further security measures if necessary.

Step 3: Practical implementation of the action plan

As soon as the safety concept has been drawn up, the practical implementation of the measures takes place. There are various steps here:

  • Erect construction fences: Construction fencing is used to control access to the construction site and prevent unauthorised entry.
  • Installation of camera systems: Depending on your needs, you can install your own camera systems or hire mobile construction site surveillance. These cameras monitor the construction site and record suspicious activities.
  • Comparison of security services: If additional security personnel are required, the offers of security services in the neighbourhood should be compared. The price-performance ratio is an important factor when choosing a provider.

Careful planning and implementation of construction site surveillance is crucial to minimise theft, vandalism and other security risks on construction sites. By considering the individual circumstances and risk factors, an effective security concept can be developed that optimally protects the construction site.