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360° View 360-view
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Day and night vision tag-und-nachtsicht
Detection range of up to 400 m
Detection range detektionsreichweite
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GPS data camera gps-daten-kamera
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Pixelation verpixelung
Videoüberwachung DSGVO konform
Theft protection diebstahlschutz
Video analysis in real time videoanalyse-in-echtzeit

LivEye PERIMETER – Surveillance for large plots of land

LivEye perimeters provide perfect protection for monitoring long straight lines such as fences or other property boundaries. By covering ranges of up to 400 meters, very large areas can be protected with just a few LivEye systems. While intrusion over a boundary area is detected with a thermal camera, a second optical camera (36x zoom) can be used to analyze the alarm situation in more detail. LivEye offers systems for perimeter protection, both locally powered and autonomously operated.

Perimeter protection: Particularly suitable for temporary protection of critical infrastructure

Long fences and property boundaries can be found, for example, at power plants, airports, military properties or airports. The latter, for example, are an extremely critical infrastructure; even the smallest intrusions can have serious consequences for traffic and safety. They are also difficult to survey and protect because of their extensive areas, diverse buildings, halls and traffic routes. The dangers are many: for example, from intruders who could commit theft, vandalism or acts of sabotage. Any of these intrusions can easily disrupt air traffic and endanger people.

Technical details LivEye PERIMETER

  • Targeted surveillance with 2 thermal bullet cameras, each with up to 400 m range, combined with two high-function PTZ cameras for alarm tracking
  • Intelligent LivEye analysis software (AI)
  • Pole height of 6 m
  • Surveillance radius of up to 400 m per camera
  • Narrow footprint of only 1 x 1 m
  • Location can be easily changed
  • Preventive orange illumination
  • Customer-supplied 230 V power supply
  • Battery storage continues to supply energy for up to 80 hours in the event of a power failure (depending on model)
  • Also available as energy self-sufficient version

What does perimeter protection mean ?

Perimeter protection is a security concept or strategy that aims to secure the outer boundaries of a physical site or information system and prevent or detect unauthorized access or activity. This protection extends to a variety of areas, including physical locations such as buildings, facilities, or grounds, as well as digital environments such as computer networks and data centers.

Perimeter protection encompasses a variety of security measures and technologies designed to identify and repel intruders, unauthorized users, or potential threats at an early stage. These include physical barriers such as fences, gates, access controls, alarm systems, and video surveillance systems, and in digital environments, firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and antivirus software.

The purpose of perimeter protection is to provide a first line of defense that makes it difficult to gain unauthorized access to sensitive areas or information and ensures the security of the entire system or site. LivEye mobile video surveillance systems have a proven track record in perimeter protection and can be customized to meet specific needs.


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