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Video surveillance bridge construction – protection against theft & vandalism

Bridge structures are undoubtedly regarded as impressive feats of modern civil engineering. The federal trunk road network comprises over 40,000 bridges. However, the construction of bridges is not only a technical challenge, but also harbours a considerable security risk. Theft and vandalism are unfortunately not uncommon on bridge construction sites and can cause not only financial losses but also delays in the construction process.

The solution to increase safety on bridge construction sites? Video surveillance in bridge construction.
Our advanced video surveillance systems are ideal for protecting bridge construction sites. Not only are they highly effective at deterring unwanted intruders, they also provide comprehensive round-the-clock surveillance.

We understand the unique challenges you face in bridge construction and offer customised solutions to reliably protect your construction sites.

Why is video surveillance important in bridge construction?

Bridge construction often extends over a long period of time and requires the safety of materials, resources, employees and the public. Our mobile video surveillance systems for bridge construction are flexible and easy to install. This allows you to ensure that your entire infrastructure is protected.

Optimise the safety and security of your bridge construction project with LivEye video surveillance.

Invest in the safety and security of your bridge construction project with our customised mobile video surveillance solutions. Our systems not only provide protection against theft and vandalism, but also ensure that your project is completed safely and efficiently. Contact us today to find out how we can optimise your construction site with video surveillance for bridge construction. Trust us as your experienced partner for mobile video surveillance.

Video surveillance in bridge construction with Smart by Day option

Our video towers, which are usually deactivated outside of monitoring times, also offer the “Smart by Day” option. With this function, our mobile video surveillance systems can be used as a virtual construction site view during the day. This enables detailed project documentation and allows those responsible to supervise bridge construction from any location.

Bridge construction monitoring

How video surveillance for bridge construction works

LivEye video surveillance systems provide reliable protection against theft and vandalism during bridge construction. Valuable raw materials such as steel and copper cables used in the construction work and costly machinery are constantly in view of the camera. Every movement is recorded by the smart LivEye analysis software and recognised as a person, animal, vehicle or recurring movement. In the event of suspicion, the continuously manned Video Monitoring & Alarm Centre is alerted. The operator on duty checks the alarm and initiates appropriate follow-up measures. The identified person is addressed via the integrated loudspeaker system and asked to leave the premises. If this request is not complied with, we inform the police.

The LivEye One+ video surveillance systems are mobile and flexible in use and ideal for monitoring bridge construction. Even use in remote locations without infrastructure is no problem. Thanks to the appropriate power supply system, the LivEye Pro 2.0 surveillance system can operate completely autonomously for up to three months. The systems can be supplemented with an additional thermal camera or time-lapse camera. This means you not only always have the construction site in view, but can also track the progress of the bridge construction work

Product recommendation for video surveillance bridge construction

LivEye PRO 2.0 – EN

Price on request

LivEye PRO 2.0 self-sufficient is our video surveillance system, which can be used wherever no infrastructure is available. LivEye PRO 2.0 self-sufficient is our video surveillance system, which can be used wherever no infrastructure is available. Would you like to secure an isolated quarry, monitor a large solar park or protect a construction site on…

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LivEye ONE+ -EN

Price on request

The proven surveillance technology to protect your construction site, property, events and more LivEye ONE+ 230V is our proven monitoring systems. With a mast height of up to six meters and a narrow stand area of 1 x 1 m, it offers state-of-the-art monitoring technology in a small space providing an overview from above. Only a…

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Expertise video surveillance bridge construction

With our expertise and support of numerous bridge construction projects, we are your reliable partner for video surveillance in bridge construction. The security of your construction site is of paramount importance and we understand the unique requirements of this specialised field. Our video surveillance systems are specifically tailored to bridge construction projects and provide comprehensive round-the-clock protection. With precise camera positioning, we capture all areas, from wide open spaces to hard-to-see angles. This enables us to prevent unauthorised access and safeguard valuable resources and the smooth progress of your project.

We are proud of our experience and the successful realisation of numerous bridge construction projects. If you want to optimise the security of your bridge construction project, rely on our proven expertise in video surveillance. Contact us today to discuss customised solutions for your project. Trust the experts – trust us for video surveillance in bridge construction.