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Video surveillance for solar parks

The importance of sustainable energy generation is growing steadily, and solar parks are making a significant contribution to this. The cumulative electrical output of all grid-connected photovoltaic systems in Germany totalled around 67 gigawatt peak in 2022. This means that photovoltaics accounted for 24.3% of electricity generation from renewable energies in Germany. However, solar cells, construction machinery and tools are coveted targets for thieves. Solar modules in particular, which are no longer manufactured, have created a veritable market for organised crime. There are not only individual cases of solar cells being stolen, but also thefts of several hundred modules at a time. Protection against theft during the construction and operation of solar parks is therefore essential.

Large solar parks in particular, which are remote and far away from lighted streets and residential areas, require comprehensive round-the-clock protection. A simple fence with anti-climb protection alone is only a minor obstacle for thieves and does not offer sufficient protection. Burglars have an easy time of it and can carry out thefts almost unhindered. Operators are faced with considerable financial losses as a result, as they not only have to replace the stolen modules, but also compensate for loss of income.

In order to effectively protect themselves against these risks, solar park operators should rely on high-performance surveillance systems. Mobile camera systems can be used extremely flexibly and are also ideal as a temporary security measure. They provide round-the-clock protection and also offer a cost-effective alternative or supplement to conventional security guards.

Protect your solar installations from theft and damage by relying on modern surveillance technology. Our expertise in monitoring solar parks enables you to protect your investments and maximise the performance of your systems. Invest in the security of your solar parks and benefit from sustainable and efficient energy generation.

Video surveillance for solar parks

Why is video surveillance important for solar parks?

Video surveillance in the solar farm sector is vital to ensure the safety, efficiency and protection of this important infrastructure. Solar parks cover large areas and are often remote, making them vulnerable to various security risks. In Germany, solar installations are widespread and their importance to the energy supply is enormous. It is therefore essential to optimise the security and protection of solar parks.

Our state-of-the-art video surveillance systems for solar parks are the solution to maximise the security of your installations. In a country that relies on renewable energy, it is vital to ensure the protection of your valuable solar panels and equipment. Our systems not only provide reliable monitoring, but can also send instant alerts of suspicious activity.

Theft and vandalism are unfortunately realities in the solar installation sector. Such incidents can not only lead to significant financial losses, but also jeopardise the smooth operation of your installations. Our video surveillance solutions are designed to minimise such risks and enable a rapid response to incidents.

Installation of our systems is straightforward and flexible, and they can be easily customised to meet the specific requirements of your solar park. We offer customised solutions to ensure that your installations are optimally protected. With our video surveillance, you can not only increase security, but also boost the efficiency of your solar parks by recognising and addressing potential problems at an early stage.

Invest in the security and protection of your solar parks with our LivEye video surveillance solutions. We understand the challenges in the industry and have the experience and technology to secure your installations. Contact us today to find out how we can optimise your solar farms with the latest video surveillance technology. Trust us as your reliable partner for the security of your solar installations.

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Product recommendation for video surveillance of solar parks


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Autonomous and sustainable video surveillance for protection remote facilities, construction sites and open lots The combination of three high-performance solar panels with an eco-friendly fuel cell makes constant, autonomous video surveillance possible. The intelligent LivEye® Analysis Software reliably records intrusion by people or vehicles into the monitored area and sends an alarm to our LivEye®…

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LivEye PRO 2.0 – EN

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LivEye PRO 2.0 self-sufficient is our video surveillance system, which can be used wherever no infrastructure is available. LivEye PRO 2.0 self-sufficient is our video surveillance system, which can be used wherever no infrastructure is available. Would you like to secure an isolated quarry, monitor a large solar park or protect a construction site on…

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Questions about mobile video surveillance for solar parks

Mobile video surveillance systems for solar parks are sophisticated security solutions designed to protect solar installations from theft, vandalism and other security risks. These systems consist of surveillance cameras, sensors and alarm functions that make it possible to monitor solar parks in real time and respond to suspicious activity

These systems utilise surveillance cameras installed at strategic locations in a solar park. The cameras capture video and image material, which is transmitted and recorded in real time. Sensors can detect movement and other suspicious activity and automatically trigger alarms that are sent to security personnel or operators.

Mobile video surveillance systems significantly improve the security of solar parks by preventing or deterring theft and vandalism. They also enable more efficient monitoring, resulting in a faster response to potential problems. In addition, they can help improve the overall efficiency of the solar installation.

Yes, mobile video surveillance systems for solar parks are generally easy to install. They are mobile and flexible, so they can be quickly adapted to the specific needs of a solar park. Installation does not normally require any complex construction work.

Yes, many mobile video surveillance systems are energy efficient and can be powered by solar energy, which improves their sustainability for solar farms. Our LivEye Pro Solar is a self-sufficient, sustainable system that is often used in solar parks.

Yes, our mobile video surveillance systems have night vision or infrared functions to ensure surveillance even in poor lighting conditions.

Data protection is our top priority. When implementing video surveillance systems, all data protection regulations and guidelines are observed to ensure that privacy and the applicable data protection regulations are complied with.