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Video surveillance for car dealerships – protection against theft & vandalism

The automotive industry is characterized by intense competition and a high degree of innovation. Car dealerships are the venues where customers can get to know and experience the latest models and technologies. Given the valuable vehicles and equipment present in dealerships, safety becomes a key priority.

Why is video surveillance important for car dealerships?

Car dealerships are valuable targets for thieves and vandals as they house expensive vehicles, spare parts and technological equipment. Therefore, the implementation of video surveillance systems is crucial to ensure various aspects of security.

  1. Protection against theft: Car dealerships are often equipped with expensive assets that attract thieves. Video surveillance systems enable comprehensive monitoring of the premises and help to prevent theft or identify the perpetrators.
  2. Vandalism prevention: In addition to theft, car dealerships are also susceptible to vandalism, which can lead to significant damage. Video surveillance systems deter potential vandals and make it possible to document incidents in order to clarify claims for damages.
  3. Customer and employee safety: The safety of customers and employees is paramount. Video surveillance systems increase the general sense of security and enable a rapid response in the event of incidents.
  4. Preservation of evidence: Video recordings serve as objective evidence in cases of accidents or controversial situations. They provide clear information that can be decisive in legal matters.
  5. Out-of-hours surveillance: Car dealerships often have long opening hours and are unattended at night. Video surveillance systems ensure seamless monitoring, even outside business hours.

Installing video surveillance systems in car dealerships is therefore not only an investment in security, but also in the protection of company assets and the well-being of customers and employees. Rely on modern LivEye technology to effectively meet your security requirements and ensure peace of mind and security in your dealership.

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How LivEye video surveillance works in car dealerships

LivEye’s video surveillance systems offer first-class protection for car dealerships. Our camera solutions are specifically tailored to the security needs of car dealerships.

With our advanced LivEye technology, you have the ability to effectively protect your dealership from theft and vandalism. Our cameras are able to monitor and accurately record suspicious activity around the clock. Thanks to our intelligent LivEye analysis software, movements of people, vehicles and animals are detected and evaluated immediately.

In the event of a suspicious case, our 24/7 control center is notified immediately. Our trained operators react immediately and initiate the necessary measures to protect your dealership. The identified persons are asked to leave the premises via the integrated loudspeaker system. If this request is ignored, the police are notified immediately.

Our video surveillance systems are mobile and extremely flexible. They not only offer protection in car dealerships, but can also be used in remote areas without infrastructure. You also have the option of expanding the systems with additional cameras such as thermal cameras or time-lapse cameras to provide optimum security for your car dealership.

Rely on LivEye to ensure the security of your car dealership. Our video surveillance technology protects your property and vehicles around the clock.

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Product recommendation for video surveillance car dealerships

LivEye ONE+ -EN

Price on request

The proven surveillance technology to protect your construction site, property, events and more LivEye ONE+ 230V is our proven monitoring systems. With a mast height of up to six meters and a narrow stand area of 1 x 1 m, it offers state-of-the-art monitoring technology in a small space providing an overview from above. Only a…

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LivEye PRO 2.0 – EN

Price on request

LivEye PRO 2.0 self-sufficient is our video surveillance system, which can be used wherever no infrastructure is available. LivEye PRO 2.0 self-sufficient is our video surveillance system, which can be used wherever no infrastructure is available. Would you like to secure an isolated quarry, monitor a large solar park or protect a construction site on…

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Video surveillance expertise for car dealerships

With our extensive expertise and many years of experience in video surveillance for car dealerships, we are your reliable partner when it comes to the security of your facility. Car dealerships are often attractive targets for thieves and vandals due to their valuable vehicles and equipment. Therefore, protecting your vehicles and facilities is crucial, not only for financial protection, but also for the safety of your employees and customers.

Our bespoke video surveillance systems are tailored to the specific needs of car dealerships. We understand that the demands of this industry are unique and require a high level of precision and efficiency. That’s why we rely on precise camera positioning and state-of-the-art technology to monitor your premises around the clock. This allows us to prevent unwanted access and identify potential risks early before they become serious security issues.

We are proud of our extensive experience and the successful implementation of numerous projects in the car dealership sector. Our customers trust us because they know that we not only have the technical know-how, but also understand the specific challenges and requirements of the industry. We work closely with you to develop customized solutions that fit your dealership perfectly.

If you want to optimize the security of your dealership, you should rely on our proven expertise in video surveillance. We’re ready to discuss your requirements and help you implement an effective security system that will protect your dealership from theft, vandalism and other threats.

Contact us today for more information and to discuss customized solutions for your dealership. Trust the experts – trust us for video surveillance in car dealerships. Your security is our priority, and we’re ready to help you ensure it.